Dr. Markus Eichinger

In line of the Software Eichinger GmbH I work as a software developer to help solve your problems either in my office near munich or on-site. I undertake and organize projects or support your research and software team. After an exact analysis and by a flexible contract design I develop professional individual software for your enterprise which is adapted to your needs exactly. I work for it both on hour rate basis or offer you a fixed price after compiling a functional specification. You get the source code after completion of a project so that in the long run the value is secured for your investment.

My focal point is primarily on software projects with a technical or scientific background. Due to my long expirience it doesn't play a role, whether you search for a solution for Windows, UNIX or another operating system. I realized a large part of my projects under Windows operating systems with Visual C/C++. I have aquired a lot of experience over the last 10 years especially in the fields of image analysis (e.g. image enhancement, pattern recognition, machine vision), measurement data acquisition, processing and visualization as well as automatisation and device driver development. Additionally I have experience in the programming of parallel computers (e.g. workstation clusters) and supercomputers as well as in the optimization of time critical code segments.

Keywords: technical software development, Windows Software developer, IT-Projects, freelance software developer, Digital Image Analysis, Image Processing, Machine Vision, object recognition, pattern recognition, Windows Objectorientated Programming, Visual C/C++, South Germany, Munich, Bavaria, parallel computer, vector computer, distributed computing, Vision Technology, measurement devices, visualisation, Outsourcing, radar image processing, infrared image processing, code optimization of algorithms