My Services

The “Software Eichinger GmbH” offers the following sevices:

  • Development of professional software for industry and research under Windows, Unix and Linux.
  • Development of optimized algorithms for digital image analysis (e.g., image processing, pattern recognition, machine vision).
  • Consulting and programming for measuring technics, data visualisation and automatisation.
  • Revision of existing software: Porting, modularisation and optimisation.
  • Development of special algorithms: e.g.
    • Algorithms for data analysis in high dimensional feature rooms.
    • Parallelisation of Algorithms (distributed Computing).
    • Simulation and visualisation of technical-physical processes.

If possible, I offer a fixed price after compiling a functional specification. After completion of a project you get the source code, so that in the long run the value is secured for your investment.

Key words: technical Software Development, IT-Projects, Visual Studio C/C++, objectorientated Programming, munich, bavaria, south germany, measurement data aquisition