List of Projects:

Development of a fast image processing algorithm for detecting the grinding decrease of overhead lines:

  • Detection of edges using a highly optimized Hough transformation.
  • Recognition of prototypical situations by analysis of clusters in highdimensional feature rooms (Vectorquantisation).

Development of different Image Analysis Algorithms for bottle sorting machines:

  • Highly efficient algorithms for pattern recognition of circles and other arbitrarily definable shapes.
  • Fast control of camera exposure time with TTL signals over puls width modulation.

Software for visualization and analysis of sea state parameters derived from radar image data for long term environment monitoring:

  • Control of data transfer from A/D converter (standard marine X-band)
  • Data transfer from NMEA devices via serial COM port (RS232).
  • Analysis and user defined visualization of result images, time series and online observables.
  • Configuration of sea state alarm conditions.

Analysis software for interferomteric images for optic and glas production industry:

  • Quality control software for quartz glas production (e.g.calculation of Zernike coefficients, gradients, Rest-PV, Rest-RMS) with connection to company data base (Microsoft SQL Server).
  • Supported platforms: Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Video monitoring software for production control (Machine Vision):

  • Software solution for monitoring and control of a quartz glas production process via a video camera through online image data processing.
  • Controlling of the production process via digital and analog signals to an SPS Simatic (S5 and S7).

Measurement Programs:

  • Graphical Presentation of Measurement Results.
  • Analysis Program for Infrared Images (Thermographie).
  • Measurement Program for Birefringence.
  • Different Measurement Programs for Length and Height.
  • Measurement Guided Machine Control (e.g. via SPS S5/S7)
  • Interferometric Image Analysis Program for Quality Control of Quartz glass (glas industrie and optical industrie)

Image Analysis Software (e.g. for micrsocopy, quality control, documentation):

  • Development of an extensive image analysis software program for microscopy (e.g. biology, medicine), quality control and documentation.
  • Keywords: video digitalization, image processing, pattern recognition, watershed algorithm, image composition, erosion, dilation, depth of view montage, blob analysis, feature extraction

Research (diploma thesis and PhD):

  • Parallel molecular dynamics simulation program EGO for simulation of makromolekules, e.g. proteins.
  • Distributed computing on UNIX workstation clusters, parallel computers and on vector computers (e.g., Fujitsu VPP700, IBM SP2, Cray T3D, Parsytec CC).
  • Code optimization of time critical segments.
  • More Information: EGO-Homepage

Low Level Programming, hardware near programming

  • Drivers for Display Adapters (DOS)
  • Printer Drivers for Windows
  • Control of Different Devices via GPIB, SCSI and RS232
  • Assembler Programming e.g. for Z80, 8086 and Motorola DSP-Board
  • Analog-Digital I/O-Board Programming
  • Programming of Linear Drive Units